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Professional Business and Private Courier Services.

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Special Delivery Services


Our tried and trusted Passport renewal service is a safe and secure way of renewing you passport without taking an extra day off work. We can collect, wait for renewal, and deliver your new passport back to you to any UK address. We can deliver back to your home or work address, at a time to convenience you. With you just booking an appointment as you would for yourself, and a couple of easy steps - we will explain all when you enquire -  I & A Courier Services can take all the hassle out of re-newing your passport. We work with any UK Passport Office ( Exc. N.I. ). Experienced and recognised for this service, we will make sure your holiday goes ahead as planned.

*IMPORTANT*  Many Holiday destinations, especially outside the EU, now require your passport to be valid for at least 6 Months AFTER your departure date. Don't get caught out - contact us today.




It is a strange but true fact that up to 25% of all people who go on holiday, forget to pack their Daily Medication in their last minute packing items. That is where I & A Courier Services can help. We can arrange, if you have left keys with a neighbour, to meet them and collect your medications and deliver them directly to you in person at your Holiday destination. We understand that this situation can be stressful enough, without the added anxiety of worrying about when they will arrive. We will inform you of a time we will be there, and arrange to meet you at a place convenient for you. If you have left no keys with a neighbour, with just a couple of phone calls, we can arrange to collect your medication direct from your GP. and again deliver them safely to your destination. You are on holiday ... relax and enjoy yourselves. Let I & A Courier Services be your lifeline. UK Destinations only  


 I & A Courier Services offer a range of services that are not usually covered by regular Courier Companies. We are proud to offer our "Specialist" Courier Services, that are tried and trusted, and at a price that other "Specialist" Courier Companies are in envy of. It all boils down to us being a family business, offering a personal service that is second to none. We use NO other Couriers to complete our work, so your important, personal documents or medications are always handled ONLY by ourselves.